Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bette Davis Was Right...

Getting old is not for sissies! Yesterday was my birthday. Now, I'm by no means old, but my memory certainly isn't what it used to be. We're moving this week and I've had to rely on a lot of notes to remind me of what needs to be done. The tenants moved out of our house the end of May so I made a quick trip up to the house to do the inspection with the property manager. I stayed for several days cleaning and painting but I wanted to get back as early as I could on Sunday to spend time with Mr. Virgo. As I was ready to leave, I remembered the code needed changing on the keyless entry...something that didn't make it on the list. Instead of taking the time to figure it out, I just took the batteries out of the lock, closed everything up (including the deadbolt), and headed back to Denver. I had made arrangements with a guy to come in while I was gone and clean the windows inside and out so they would be fresh when we move in this Friday. A few days later the guy called me and said the key he had picked up from the property manager wouldn't open the deadbolt so I told him not to worry about it and we'll get it done after the move. Well, yesterday I started thinking about it and realized if we couldn't get in on Friday, Mr. Virgo wouldn't be happy as the movers sit sipping coffee while a locksmith comes out. I called the property manager and asked them to please send someone out to the house with the keys they have to see if one of them would open the deadbolt, forgetting completely that they would have the same key the window washer had already tried! Duh! She called me back and said the key wouldn't work and I started panicking. She gave me the name and number of the local locksmith. I called and left him a message to call me right away. He finally called back, I told him the whole story, and we started making arrangements for rekeying the locks this week. Suddenly, I stopped mid-sentence. He waited politely for a few moments then asked if I was still there. "Yes", I said, and started laughing. "What's so funny?", he asked. I collected myself and said, "I just remembered...I have the garage door opener in my car!" We shared a good laugh and I thanked him for his time. So you see, just because I'm beautiful and young-looking on the outside, it doesn't mean everything's firing on all cylinders!

Your slightly demented friend,


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